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Slip and Fall Accidents


Each year, thousands of people get injured as a result of a

slip and fall or trip and fall.  In many cases the property owner is

responsible.  Property owners and managers have a legal duty to

make sure their walking surfaces are safe.

Serious injuries can often occur as a result of a slip and fall

accident .  Many of these types of accidents happen at a store,

supermarket, restaurant, or business where foot traffic is high. 

Often times, businesses negligently leave items in isle walkways,

where they become trip hazards.  Other times, spills and other wet

substances are left on the floor for prolonged periods time, causing

a dangerous condition.  Below is a list of  things for you to do if you

are involved in a slip and fall or trip and fall on someone else's




MOVE - If you have immediate sharp pain, it is sometimes better to remain on the floor and call for help. 

2.    TAKE NOTICE OF WHAT CAUSED YOU TO SLIP OR TRIP AND FALL - In many instances, people who have fallen in a public place, store, restaurant, or supermarket, are embarrassed about their fall, and do not take note of what caused them to fall.  It is important to be able to know what caused your fall.

3.    HAVE SOMEONE GET THE MANAGER, OWNER, CARETAKER OF THE PREMISES - It is important to report the property manager, caretaker or owner, that you slipped or tripped and fell.  Be able to point out what caused you to fall and advise him/her if you need medical attention.  Make sure that he documents the incident so that there is a record of it.  You should remain near the area where you fell in order to ensure that others do not also fall.

4.    TAKE PICTURES OF ANY FOREIGN SUBSTANCE / ITEM THAT CAUSED YOUR FALL - Sometimes a foreign substance will be cleaned or removed prior to the manager arriving to  the place where you fell.  It is important that you take pictures of any and all foreign substances on the floor where you fell.  Also take pictures of the surrounding area. TAKE THE NAMES AND CONTACT INFORMATION OF ANY WITNESS TO YOUR FALL, OR THE FOREIGN SUBSTANCE ON THE FLOOR THAT CAUSED YOU TO FALL.

5.    KEEP ANY AND ALL ITEMS OF CLOTHING THAT YOU WERE WEARING AT THE TIME - Sometimes, store owners will deny  that there was any foreign substance or liquid on the floor where you slipped and fell.  Often times, if you fell as a result of a foreign substance or liquid on the floor  there may be stains from the foreign substance on your clothing.  Keep your shoes.  Many times, stores will defend by placing the blame on the type of shoes you were wearing. 

6.    SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION - It is always important to get evaluated by a physician after any fall. 

7.    CONTACT THE LAW OFFICES OF COMRAS & COMRAS, P.A. - In most instances, the Corporate Risk Management Department will try to contact you in order to obtain a statement from you.  Don't forget, they are always looking to limit their liability and to minimize their payments resulting from your injuries and damages.  It is always best to contact our lawyers prior to speaking with anyone from the store's Risk Management Department.  At the Law Offices of Comras& Comras, P.A. we have handled a very high volume of slip and fall cases, and have the knowledge, resources and experience to get you the compensation you deserve.

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