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What To Do If Your In A Construction Accident?

Have you or a loved one been injured in a construction accident? A skilled attorney will be able to evaluate your potential case & determine whether safety regulations & standards were followed. We will help to determine who is liable for the injuries sustained & fight for your compensation as you recover.

Leading causes of construction site mishaps/accidents;

· Hitch accidents

· Faulty equiptment

· Slips and falls

· Fires and/or bursts

· Misapplication of tools

· Fusing accidents

· Crane accidents

Workers Compensation policies generally have requirements & can become an extremely lengthy process. They require the injured undergo a consultation with an approved physician, who, often times push for the least expensive treatment which is also less effective. When filing your claim, it is imperative you have an advocate on YOUR side to act as your liaison between the insurance company & physician. The insurance company is employed by your boss, and has the companies best interest at heart. Hiring a personal injury attorney ensures someone fight for you & your rights as a worker. Insurance companies are known to delay and fight most claims. Be prepared, contact the law offices of Comras & Comras and allow us to fight for you!

Please remember that filing a workers’ compensation claim is a long process. Do not hesitate to contact The Law Offices Of Comras & Comras to walk you through this process. Call ustoday for your free consultation! 954-765-3740

Contact us: 954-765-3740 | FLORIDACOURTLAWYER.COM

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